A Passion for Travel

December 2011

After Esslingen, I had one more market to visit that day, but had spent so much time in Esslingen that I didn’t arrive in Ludwigsburg until early evening, which is a very busy time due to the after-work crowds who are gathering for a drink and something to eat from the food vendors.  Ludwigsburg is a short trip north of Stuttgart, while Esslingen is south of the city, so I had train trip of less than 30 minutes between the two.  By the time I arrived, the market was in full swing and all lit up.  I wandered through it, but really didn’t do any shopping since it was so crowded and looked like it was the same type of items that I’d seen at the other markets.

I wandered around a little bit of the city and it looks like a nice city, but I didn’t fall…

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